About me

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Welcome to my world !

What about me?

Born in France, I grew up in the Paris region and I am currently 29 years old. Since my childhood I have had a passion for nature and the desire to explore the world. If you like my photographic universe and you recognize yourself through my photos then follow me in my adventures.


To raise awareness of environmental protection awareness (nature as well as animals), we are regularly shown photos of violent moments that take place around the world. This violence certainly allows us to question the spectator about a certain reality of which we are not always aware, only by seeing violence on a daily basis we get used to it without realizing it. And what shouldn't be normal becomes normal over time.

That's why I want to challenge the audience in a different way. To offer an alternative to these violent images that surround us and to propose this time the vision of a wild and magnificent world that coexists with us. Getting used to the beauty of nature, showing what people don't see, will only reinforce the awareness that we absolutely must preserve our environment.

To offer you this vision of nature, which also remains my vision of the world and the moments that touch me, I spend a lot of time outside. I think that to be as sincere as possible in my photos, I have to spend time in the places I will photograph. Often alone (if not accompanied by my wife), I like to immerse myself in the atmosphere of a place in order to understand it and transmit it in the most faithful way possible to what it made me feel. This is why my photos, presented on the site, remain faithful to the scene I see at the time of the shooting but also faithful to what it inspired me. All my photos are without fakes and worked with care at the time of shooting before being sublimated in post-processing for an aesthetic rendering that I hold so dear.